The Future According to Managed Wifi Experts

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is a service model for small, residential WiFi networks.

A managed WiFi solution usually has the following features:

Managed WiFi offers many benefits over the conventional ‘wireless-aware’ or unmanaged WiFi options. Managed WiFi offers the advantage of being able to create wireless networks that are more flexible than static ones. Managed wifi providers usually have control over access points, which allow you to fine tune your network to meet your specific needs. You can also create virtual access points to reduce the need for expansion of your current WLAN.

The advantages of managed wifi are numerous;

including its cost-effectiveness, ease of provisioning, easy administration and availability of different plug-ins to suit most modern platforms. With managed wifi plan you can easily deploy and handle wireless networks in your business premises, university, public areas such as hospitals and even airports. A managed wifi service also helps in saving valuable bandwidth by managing the number of access points (APs). This helps reduce cost and increase capability of your mobile device usage.

In this modern time of hi-tech gadgets and sophisticated networking technologies, using only a single wireless connection can make a great difference to your business operations. With a good managed WiFi plan you can increase the number of access points without much expense and decrease your network performance. By giving the responsibility of managing your Wi-Fi to a professional managed WiFi service provider you are able to avoid wasting time and money on technical support services for your business. Managed wifi providers are equipped with the necessary software solutions and modern hardware solutions to deliver your desired level of performance and manage the growth of your business.

The managed service provider always ensures that your device is always ready and available. The managed wifi service provider deploys the latest technology and devices to ensure smooth connectivity. The latest devices and technology used by the managed service providers include: Ar Rai Arris phones, Asustek CTS 4520, Asustek nct phones, Belkin nct phones, Linksys Eero wireless routers, NEC ulteo series, and Netgear LANTAC routers. To boost your company’s image and marketability, choose an experienced and reputed managed-service provider that has a good track record and is committed to your goals.

A managed service provider can deliver the benefits of a single site management system by deploying different wireless access points (APs) to different sections of a corporate office or even across different sites. This helps in reducing your overall cost base, network management costs, employee productivity and improves your customer experience. It can also improve the efficiency of your employees and help them to get more work done in a shorter period of time.

A managed service provider can deploy a range of equipment including access servers, routers, and access servers using enterprise software. They can provide the complete connectivity solution for your small business premise or for your enterprise. It is designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the deployment and execution of connectivity solutions and ensures smooth connectivity for your customers and employees. It helps in taking optimal advantage of your existing and future network resources and enables you to leverage on your existing workforce. It provides you with a competitive advantage in your area of operation and can help you in increasing customer satisfaction, reducing operational costs and improving employee productivity.

  • There are many service providers that offer managed services for wifi networks, like: eConnect, GE Wireless, Linksys, Verizon, and many more.
  • These service providers have extensive experience in providing fast and reliable WiFi network infrastructure.
  • They can help you in making the best use of your existing workforce and can give you the results you need in less time.
  • With their help, you can get connected faster and efficiently than before.